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Real Estate investmentfor you

You don’t have to be a philanthropist to do good. Help a whole generation become homeowners and get paid for it, by investing with ReTok.

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How it works

Accumulate wealth while helping people

Locked out of home ownership by high prices, young families are denied a crucial way to build equity, unlike their parents and grand parents.

Perpetual renters, they run the risk of reaching retirement without savings.

We believe that people with a good income should be able to purchase their home. We offer you the opportunity to invest in real estate to accumulate wealth, while helping people like you plan for the future.

You buy ReTok tokens

Our token is backed by a portfolio of rented houses and apartments.

You get returns

The tenants pay rent. Each token gives you the right to a share of it.

We help renters

They get the opportunity to purchase their home, at their own pace, without commitment.

People enjoying their home

Real Estate for Real People

Your investment is backed by real estate purchased with 100% equity. It means there are no loan default risks.

Its value will move with the price of Real Estate. There are no intricately complex financial instruments involved.

There are no banks and no mortgages involved.

ReTok is Real Estate for Real People: for you, and for the people who live in their homes.

We generate attractive returns to our token holders...

The properties we purchase are carefully selected by an investment committee of experts. They are assisted by the AI tools our engineering team crafted specifically for this purpose. Our partnership with the best Proptech companies helps to maximize the returns by reducing management cost.

ReTok investors talking about their investments. caring about our tenants.

We establish a special relationship with the people who rent our properties. As they own part of their home, they are incentivized to treat it as their own and stay there for a longer time. The result is a low vacancy rate and lower maintenance cost. And happy tenants!

Hands of people helping ReTok tenants becoming homeowners.
House posing as a piggy bank

The ReTok token is

  • A savings product that is as safe as the real estate that’s backing it

  • Accessible from 100 EUR

  • Can be freely traded on a market

  • A good way to protect your savings against inflation, while doing good on a large scale

  • A use of blockchain that actually serves the interest of real people

About us

The team behind ReTok

Our team is composed of veterans from the real estate, construction, finance and software industry. They’re all recognised experts in their own field.

A shared vision allowed them to build something bigger than the added parts: a sustainable investment product based on blockchain technology.

Meet our founders

  • Jérôme Dumarty - ReTok CEO

    Jérôme Dumarty


    An alumni of the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure where he studied physics, Jerome evolved into management in civil engineering, then real estate economics.

  • Bruno Enten - ReTok CFO

    Bruno Enten


    After 20 years of entrepreneurship experience and with a strong technical background, Bruno added finance to its skillset to bring needed change to this industry.

  • Maxime Lerasle - ReTok CTO

    Maxime Lerasle


    With a master in risk engineering and solid software development skills, Maxime added UI/UX design to his swatch to make products that people like to use.

  • Roald Mathern - ReTok COO

    Roald Mathern


    After a long carreer as a manager in a high stakes environment, Roald trained as a real estate agent in France, where he built an extensive network in the industry.



ReTok uses the Avalanche blockchain to make real estate investment liquid.

Avalanche is a high performance, sustainable and secure blockchain. It was founded by scientists from Cornell University who teamed with finance veterans to create blockchain technology specifically made for real world finance applications.

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Crypto Valley

ReTok Partners, the company behind ReTok, is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, in the heart of the Crypto Valley. Our neighbors include household names such as Ethereum, Monetas, Bitcoin Suisse, Xapo, ShapeShift, ConsenSys, and Tezos.

The regulatory environment in this region allows useful innovation such as ReTok, while safeguarding the interest of the token holders. Switzerland has a long tradition of offering a business friendly environment while providing safety to investors.

Switzerland country and flag


  • Private Sale

    Pre-sale of a tranche of tokens to early subscribers.

  • Public Sale

    Token sale open to everyone having passed KYC / AML.

  • Property acquisition

    Proceeds from the sale are used to purchase properties scouted by the buyers and approved by the investment board.

  • Distribution

    Beginning of the monthly distribution of collected rents to token holders.

  • Trading

    Trading the token becomes possible as the marketplace is opened.

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