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Real Estate Investmentimpactful and effortless.

Help a whole generation become homeowners and get paid for it, by investing with ReTok.

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What is ReTok?

A financial product backed by Real Estate

We offer you the opportunity to invest in real estate to accumulate wealth, while helping people like you purchase their home.

You buy ReTok tokens

Our token is backed by a portfolio of rented houses and apartments.

You get returns

The tenants pay rent. Each token gives you the right to a share of it.

We help renters

They get the opportunity to purchase their home, at their own pace, without commitment.

How it works?

Invest now and start earning

Create your ReTok account today and follow the simple steps described below to get your first returns from the next distribution.

Create your ReTok account, verify your email address and fill in your profile information.

Now is the time to secure your money

Protect your savings against inflation, while doing good on a large scale.

  • Invest any amount

    Whether it’s 100€ or 100'000€, we can put your money to work for you.

  • Build a balanced portfolio

    We have portfolios in 3 different countries, which allows you to diversify your investment.

  • Trade in real-time

    You can freely trade ReTok tokens at any time on our secondary market.

  • Profit from your tokens

    Your tokens give you the right to a share of monthly rents. You earn new income each month.

  • Powered by Avalanche

    ReTok uses the Avalanche blockchain to make real estate investment liquid.

  • Portfolio tracking

    Watch your investments grow every month and track the token value.

Invest in tokenized Real Estate now

Create your ReTok account now to start earning money and get access to our full documentation.

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