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Real Estate investmentmade easy

Help a whole generation become homeowners and get paid for it, by investing with ReTok.

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How it works

Accumulate wealth while helping people

We offer you the opportunity to invest in real estate to accumulate wealth, while helping people like you purchase their home.

You buy ReTok tokens

Our token is backed by a portfolio of rented houses and apartments.

You get returns

The tenants pay rent. Each token gives you the right to a share of it.

We help renters

They get the opportunity to purchase their home, at their own pace, without commitment.

People enjoying their home

Real Estate for Real People

Your investment is backed by real estate purchased with 100% equity. It means there are no loan default risks.

Its value will move with the price of Real Estate. There are no intricately complex financial instruments involved.

There are no banks and no mortgages involved.

ReTok is Real Estate for Real People: for you, and for the people who live in their homes.

We generate attractive returns to our token holders...

The properties we purchase are carefully selected by an investment committee of experts.

They are assisted by the AI tools our engineering team crafted specifically for this purpose.

Our partnership with the best Proptech companies helps to maximize the returns by reducing management cost.

ReTok investors talking about their investments. caring about our tenants.

We establish a special relationship with the people who rent our properties.

As they own part of their home, they are incentivized to treat it as their own and stay there for a longer time.

The result is a low vacancy rate and lower maintenance cost. And happy tenants!

Hands of people helping ReTok tenants becoming homeowners.

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